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Bonus Program

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    • The Cargo Bonus Program is a new application monitored via the MPL website
    • We will ensure that all Routing Orders sent through the MarcoPoloLine Network will receive $5 (USD) 
    • This Cargo Bonus Program assures an Increasing Cooperation and profitable Membership for all Marcopolo Line Members
    • More business within the Group
    • Necessary is an ACTIVE ATTITUDE, that involves all of us!
    • Reward our Active members for getting involved in MPL
    • Are you one of those agents who assigns many shipments to MPL Members, but gets none back?
    • Do you want to know what you can get back from MPL after paying the membership fee?
    • Do you want part or all of your annual membership fee paid for you ?
    • Do you want to attend the next MPL conference with all or part of the fee paid by your MPL agents?

    If your answer is YES, welcome to the: BONUS PROGRAM!
    • Receive 5USD for each routing
    • Save for your FREE membership: Each 5USD accumulated will be credited either to the membership of the next year or to the annual conference
    • Accrued BALANCE of all your shipments: The best way to have your own statistics!
    • Benefit from the shipments you receive from your partners and also benefit from the shipments you send them Create the best POSITIVE CIRCLE!! Remember the English proverb ""What GOES Around COMES Around"

    Once you are into your own members area click on "Bonus Program"
    You have the possibility, clicking on the tabs to enter to the following areas:

    1. shipments generated
    2. shipments received
    3. generate new shipment
    4. export MS Excel

    On this screen you have the possibility to see all the requests received, sorted by date.
    The green requests are the ones which have been accepted, whilst the red ones are the refused requests.
    Clicking on the icon  it is possible to see the details of each single shipment.

    The is an example of a shipment request.

    On this screen you can see the shipments received. The yellow requests are the waiting ones. Clicking on the button on the right side, it will be possible to accept or refuse a shipment. The icon appears when a member receive new requests.
    Each message is sent by e-mail to the user: request of shipment, shipment accepted or refused.

    This is an example of the message that is sent for a shipment request.
    The others messages are studied on the same way, only the red tag does change (status).


    1. To generate a new shipment, you just have to click on the tab you want to use, and fill in the details requested. When you will have clicked on the button "save", the request will be sent to the interested member. This request will appear into his members area and will be received by mail to the address they have indicated to use for the Bonus Program.
    2. Section "update your data" inside the Members Area where they can indicate more than 1 e-mails for the Bonus Program.

    It is possible to generate a new request through the "network of offices".
    When you are into your members area, click onto the country of your interest and look for the member you want to send the shipment request.

    Click on "View details" and then on "Snipment for Bonus Program", it will appear a pop-up where it will be possible to insert all the details (on the same way we can click on "tab" and  GENERATE NEW SHIPMENT)

    To export in excel doc. every shipment generated (requested or refused), just click on the "tab" EXPORT MS EXCEL.

    Example of exported docs in excel.

    • All the information within this new Program is totally confidential
    • Each 5USD to be paid by the agent who receives the shipment to the agent who generated the shipment
    • Each MPL member will receive his/her USER and PASSWORD to access the application
    • Once a member owes USD 500 in any calendar year to the scheme, a payment must be made . If USD 500 is not reached in one year, any balance outstanding must be paid according to the balance on 31st December.
    For any further assistance regarding the MPL Cargo Bonus Program, please send an email to:












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