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Cole has been appointed as the transportation consultants for one of the largest independent natural gas and natural gas liquids midstream businesses in Western Canada.

Our client’s operating businesses provide a range of gathering, processing, fractionation, storage, transportation and marketing services to the oil and gas industry. They provide these services through their two integrated business lines: Gathering and Processing, and the Liquids Business Unit. This project belonged to the Gathering and Processing Business Line.

The unit in question is called the RAW FEED STORAGE TANKS. As the name suggests, these are storage tanks to store the ‘raw’ liquids from which gas is extracted after processing.
This unit measured 186 Feet length x 17 Feet width x 19 Feet height (56.70 m x 5.18 m x 5.80 m) and weighed 397,000 lbs (180,076 kgs). We were tasked with moving 2 such units. Each unit required a 2 file, 14 line trailer with a specially designed 9 meter hitch connecting the truck to the trailer.
***This hitch had to be specially designed, manufactured and imported from the trailer manufacturer in Germany.

In addition each unit required 1 push truck and 1 pull truck to negotiate hilly terrain. A distance of 2.5 kms had to be maintained BETWEEN BOTH the bullets to ensure that other vehicular traffic don’t have issues passing such a long unit.
The move was accompanied by 8 pilot cars and 2 police escorts to get it out of Innisfail City limits on to the highway. This move had to happen ONLY during the day time at a maximum speed of 40 kms / hour.
There were at least 35-40 personnel working during this move including drivers, supervisors, pilot cars, police escorts, utility personnel. The journey of less than 200 kms took 2 days to complete and was safely received and set at site.
The second picture in the series is taken on the highway where the city crew had to turn the traffic lights to allow the units to pass. Traffic is put to a stop for 10 minutes PRIOR to arrival of these units to this light and 10 minutes AFTER the unit has passed.

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