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Ireland - Dublin

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Celtic Forwarding

Celtic Forwarding is pleased to announce that we are now offering worldwide airline cargo charters from Ireland. 
All size charters catered for from helicopters for small domestic movements to B747 / Antonov for full charters.


  • Precision lifting for hard to reach places / short distances
  • Max payload 20,000 kilos
  • Examples – Augusta 109, Mil Mi-8, Kamov KA-32

Turbo-prop aircraft

  • Propeller aircraft for small to medium size payloads (Max payload 20,000 kilos)
  • Less range and speed than jet aircraft but offer lower operating costs
  • Examples – King Air 200, C-130 Hercules, ATR42

Light Jets

  • For small payloads for up to 2,500 kilos
  • Examples – Lear 35, Falcon 20

Commercial Airliners

  • Jet aircraft with payload of 50,000 kilos
  • Examples – A300, B737, IL76, DC8

Commercial Airliners - >55,000 – 250,000 kilos

  • Jet aircraft with payload of 250,000 kilos
  • Examples – B747, MD11, AN-124, AN-225

We remian at the disposal of any fellow members whom may require such a service now or at some stage in the future.