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One of the principal aims of THE MARCOPOLOLINE GROUP (MPL) is to expand in order to provide our members with a professional and personal logistics network across every international border.

To this end MPL has introduced an additional category within the Group - PROBATIONARY MEMBERS.

  • A PROBATIONARY MEMBER is an Agent who has applied but cannot provide an MPL Reference (i.e. someone they have had business and financial dealings with), which up until now has been mandatory.
  • PROBATIONARY MEMBERS can only be accepted on condition they are from countries where MPL currently has no possibility of gaining representation through the normal channels.
  • PROBATIONARY MEMBERS will be clearly displayed as such, on the MPL Website, under Network of Offices and easily distinguishable from normal members. 
  • New PROBATIONARY MEMBERS will be introduced to the Group, each time clarifying their category of membership within MPL.
  • PROBATIONARY MEMBERS, after 1 year will be asked to re-apply, providing an MPL Reference  from an existing member that they have successfully liaised with, which includes business and financial transactions

    The listings of PROBATIONARY MEMBERS are shown under their country in the Network of Offices, and have a very distinctive GREEN ‘P’ next to their information.

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