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Safety and Security

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One of the MPL top priorities is to ensure the clients' goods or cargo arrive safely and securely at their destination.

No matter how small or large the consignment, extreme care is always taken.
This encompasses special packing requirements, or the necessary precautions and documentation when transporting dangerous items, or with certain goods - fumigation.

Security is equally vital. Care is taken to the smallest detail to avoid any damage.
Making certain the packaging is suitable, or in the case of containers, the size is correctly adequate. All the MPL offices worldwide, have experts that can advise clients' on the safest and most secure way to transport their merchandise. In addition, MPL will provide complete insurance cover.

Finally, MPL only uses the best and most reliable carriers with the highest reputations.


Each and every one of the MPL offices worldwide are specialists in at least one or more fields of the Freight Forwarding industry, be it air, sea, train or road.

This gives MPL that additional leverage, by being able in minutes to select from our database those offices necessary for a particular consignment, link them together, giving our clients a highly professional, comprehensive and fast service.












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