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November, 2019


BIG 5 in Dubai as usual represents one of the best opportunity to have exchanges with a lot of people from a lot of countries, 2019 edition has given us the immediate result to ship out some cargoes from Italy. One shipment to Aqaba sailed already, we are now arranging a new one to Umm Qasr and a further one to Uganda is in the pipeline. We are following up our offers submited to a lot of traders and we are confident that other shipments are near to be confirmed. For this reason I would like to express how much I am thankful to MPL having represented with a such high skill of performance our company, opening a window on one of most prosperous worldwide market. From this window we had the opportunity to get in touch and finally secure new customers, let me say to Sophie Cappa our beloved MPL ambassadress: “What a wonderful Job”.


Dear Sophie,

After having secured and fidelized one customer exporting from Italy to Middle East and Africa we are now pleased to thank you as we have just started a profitable cooperation with an overseas agent to whom you have given our brochure and business card during the BIG 5 in Dubai last month. This is the second positive feedback and new business we got from it since you have been there.

Thanks again to MPL for their continuous promotion and to you for your kindness.

Best Regards,

Fabrizio Di Tore 

Branch Manager



November, 2018

Transport Logistic – MPL Booth Shanghai, China

My first experience at the Transport Logistics fair was a huge success! I had no idea what to expect. The booth was beautiful, and was bustling with activity as the trade show progressed. I enjoyed listening to other participants, their business information, learning about their trades, and hearing from the suppliers/customers. I collected a large number of business cards, and have already obtained business to our mutual benefit. I was also able to experience how beneficial the VIP package is to any company that may not be able to attend all of the trade shows/fairs. The promotion for those companies was unexpected and unparalleled. It was a fabulous experience, with many thanks to Sophie Cappa. I look forward to further opportunities to promote United Cargo through MPL event sand venues.

Nicolette Berrouët
Import Manager
United Cargo Management

May, 2018

Transport Logistic- MPL booth in Shanghai, China

Dear Sophie,

Another good experience with MPL, this time in Shanghai. Well organized as usual, thanks Sophie and thanks to all of you guys at our common booth. I think we all had a successful time and definitely we had good fun. Please remember: HUMOR HAS ALWAYS A PLACE IN FORWARDING  ;-)

See you soon in Costa Rica !


Andreas Ehrhorn
Peter RATHMANN & CO. , Germany

May, 2018

Transport Logistic- MPL booth in Shanghai, China

Was the best experience in all my journey in the COMEX, since those 10 years that I am working in our field. I was so glad to be there. About our booth, no words to describe how amazing it was! Everybody could not pass in front of it and not stop to have a look at it! I would say that it was one of the nicest booth of all the exhibitors! I collected more than 100 Business Cards during the whole 3 days, and I could meet so many new partners from all over the world.... I almost finished my Business Cards on the second day...

Marcopolo team is like a new family, everyone helped each other during the three days, making new contacts, introducing new people.. When I wasn't at the booth, and someone were looking for me, our team could ``hold`` the person with a great introduction of Marcopolo Group until I was back there.....

Now I'm already following up hardly all the contacts I have collected, in order to obtain catch new business from them.

Thanks again for all your help during the fair.

Best regards, 

Cassiano Cortico  
CENTAUREA Professional Logistic

May, 2018

Transport Logistic- MPL booth in Shanghai, China

Dear Sophie

It was very nice fair for me because I already received the nomination biz from one of China freight forwarder whom you introduced.

And Mr. Cassiano ( Centaurealog ) introduced his China partner during the fair so we are ready to deal with them for Tri-angle biz from Korea to South America.

I believe this is good culture of MPL.

Moreover I could meet a lot of rail operators from China, Russia and Poland for TCR and TSR so we will be able to provide the new service to our current customers

in Korea and Vietnam.



May, 2018

Transport Logistic- MPL booth in Shanghai, China

"Being part of the MPL Network is great already. But as a VIP partner we have the chance to be represented around the world by MPL staff and good members. The MPL booth in Shanghai was even though small a real eyecatcher (look at the pictures). The effect was, that the booth attracted a lot of visitors and the members at place had a great chance to sell their services.

I could not be there, but even then our company was represented by MPL! Even I received “nice to meet” you mails… well this shows two things: 1. The writer of the mail was not concentrated enough or 2. the members of the stand made them feel, we were there! How great is that?

 Great to be a MPL Member!”
 It’s a bit cheesy and we two know that there are some freeloaders (a partner said that once to me and it fits) on board, but still… I can find someone to work with and to learn, so we love it! ♥
Best regards
Pay-Andres Lüders 

May, 2018

Transport Logistic- MPL booth in Shanghai, China

China was great Sophie! 

The outcome is unexpected!
Have to follow up with usual “nice to meet you” emails BUT the difference with TLC 2018 is that we have already proceeded further.
In the next few days, I’ll keep you informed about first contract 😊 So, yes! China was great!

Sophie you are always The perfect hostess!
The atmosphere was great between us!! 
All of my old and new friends were/are magnificent!!!
Positive energy, positive outcome!

Best regards,

Panagiota Kemali
ACE Logistics Stamoulis C. & Co.

May, 2018

Transport Logistic- MPL booth in Shanghai, China

Dear Sophie,

You will be pleased to learn how grateful we are for you action performed during the Transport Logistic fair in Shanghai, we have already good chances to organise our first shipment of 20’box of marbles which will be a continuous biz.

We also have started some messages exchanges which we hope will be profitable in next future.

Thanks and best regards

Fabrizio Di Tore
VGL-Visa Global Logistics - ITALY

March, 2018

Intermodal - MPL booth in Sao Paulo

Regarding the intermodal Brazil, was such a great time in our booth.
Since the fair, I already could handle two new accounts that I wasn't handling for such a long time; they came to our booth and really enjoyed the meeting with me and our local team; they could see that we are a very strong international company and started trusting us again to make their ocean shipments.

Cassiano Cortico  
CENTAUREA Professional Logistic

March, 2018

Intermodal - MPL booth in Sao Paulo
I have been going to the Intermodal Trade fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil for more than 10 years; no doubt it is the most important show in our field for Latin America, but this was a very unique experience. Always as visitor, this time I had the opportunity to be at the MPL booth, where in this small space were logistic experts from Korea, Lebanon, India, Kenya, Uganda, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Brazil and USA. All continents present thanks to MarcoPoloLine. Business and opportunities floated in the air of this event to those who wanted to grab them, MPL made it possible. Thanks. Also special Thanks to Alessandra Loppaso from Centaurea Brazil, who was a fantastic host for all, to Sushil Gupta from Atlas Shipping India for his marvelous Indian food night and of course to Sophie, head of MPL and her careful organization of the event to guarantee full success. Thanks

Jorge Pareja
Everglobe Corp - USA

March, 2017

West Pack – MPL booth in Los Angeles
Dear Sophie and Friends;
I want to thank you and MPL for decision to participate in the West Pack in Anaheim, California. As you know I was visiting for other business California, dates match with the trade fair. It was very satisfying seen MPL boot at the fair, even more when there was the only logistic network with presence in such event and there was interest from many visitors and exhibitors.
We look forward to review potential business and contacts we made.
Thanks again and Best Regards

Jorge Pareja - General Director
Logimodal - Venezuela

February, 2017

West Pack – MPL booth in Los Angeles
Thank you for organizing a successful exhibitor experience at the WestPack Exhibition and Conference in Anaheim.
The booth was very professional and the location was strategic.
The range of exhibitors and attendees were numerous with a focus from medical device products, electronic components, packaging materials, general machinery and much more.
So expansive with good traffic by the booth especially on the first two days. I am pleased with the contacts secured and am hopeful for new partnerships both short term and long term.
I also appreciated getting to know our MPL partners and now friends who attended as well.
Kind Regards,

Marjorie Posada
United Cargo Management, Inc

February, 2017

West Pack – MPL booth in Los Angeles
Dear Sophie,
Thank you very much for the good work in our name! We really appreciate this. Hopefully we get some interesting contacts and maybe some shipments from this.
The booth looked very good and I even saw our material on it… funny!
CU in Munich!
Best regards

Pay-Andres Lüders

November, 2015

Greetings from Sultanate of Oman (Muscat/Sohar/Salalah)
It is my immense pleasure to impatiently reveal the hidden spirit towards the FAMILY MEMBERS of MARCOPOLO GROUP,  an established and known as a FAMILY NETWORK for having its most successful 8th Annual General Meeting at BARCELONA - SPAIN under the prevailing guidance from Mr. Paul, Robert, Luis and Rob Spittel and other directors, which is just ended on 9th of November 2015. This is the unique network in the world where each member of the network feels inexpressible pleasure by meeting each of its members either at one-to-one meeting or sitting at the hotel auditorium and even during the lunch & coffee breaks or any other events too! Undoubtedly this is the beauty of this network unlike any other network in the world.

(Global Shipping & Logistics)

November, 2015

Thanks again for this well planned and organized conference. It was a great time with great people and great opportunities to get some nice business together. :)
Kind regards


November, 2015

The organization of the 8th Conference was great as usual.
 Best wishes to all other board members...

Mare Lojistik Hizmetleri Tic.A.S

November, 2015

Thank you so much for the excellent event in Barcelona Espen and I enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to pursue new business opportunities.

Kyrre C. Pedersen | Manager Forwarding & Customs Clearance | Seafront Bugge & Olsen AS

September, 2015

We would like to express all our gratitude to MPL, because in this short period many new contacts were established and finally some bussens we concluded too.

TPG. Logistics

August, 2015

It is a pleasure to inform and share with you this good experience, in order to let our partners know the good capacities of this MPL agent. We recently gained a good job with terms DAP to Costa Rica. It was quite a difficult job, as we had to ship oversized pieces of a hydroelectric plant for a new customer, and that is the reason why we have contacted SERVICIOS GLOBALES AM HERMANOS, S.A in Costa Rica. They did a great job, with precision, reliability and utmost professionalism. We made a very good impression for our customer who has good potential.

Multilogistics S.p.A. - Italy

March, 2015
Mercator Cargo Systems - Multi Award winning MPL Partner!
We would like to thank all our MPL Partners, without you we would not have won Team of The Year and also International Development 2015 so... THANK YOU















Thank you to testify your trust for MarcoPoloLine

February, 2015
Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that business within the agency is going very nicely.  Have developed some good leads / quotes and moved a couple of shipments.  Have used the network for our own quotes several times.

Re Transportation Inc. - Houston

January, 2015
“It is great to have this small and flexible network! If it would get much bigger it would also get slower in my opinion. So keep it small and real!”
"We gained contacts via sales leads and the meetings. It opened doors for offers and requests we could not answer before and of course we got various orders from the network”

Lueders from Lueders & Stange KG - Germany

January, 2015
Always Thinking To Have A Valuable Membership Of Non-Profitable, A Family Feeling Global Network And Fortunately Found Such Qualities In Mpl Network Which Prompted Us To Be “Permanent & A Long Term Member”. We Feel Freedom In Consigning The Shipments To Mpl Network Agents Across The Globe Without Any Hesitation As It Is Centrally Controlled Very Well.

PS. Shaheer
East Asia International Cp. Llc . Sultanate Of Oman

January, 2015
Since joining MPL in 2008 (I think it was 2008!!) we have found it instrumental in the continued growth and development of our Business. All the members we deal with are professional, friendly and reply in a timely fashion. I honestly don't think we could operate without the backup and business we do within MPL - it has been a huge benefit to us and our customers.

Myles Daly Director of Mercator Cargo Systems Ltd - UK

January, 2015
The most important thing for us, is that we can trust the agents, without being known before; it can be the first time you chat with an agent, but we know that being part of the group will allow each other to make a reliable relationship from the beginning.

Carlos S. Arroyo
Pro-Shipping International. Mexico

Alfons Freriks Logistics/Holland had a very unfortunate experience dealing with a NON-member company, which had provided all necessary information requested to guarantee its viability.  Regrettably this turned out to be completely false.
This is NOT about the non-member, but rather to express EXTREME GRATITUDE to IONUT of FAST FREIGHT our MPL MEMBER in ROMANIA, who in such a formidable way stepped in immediately to help Alfons Freriks Logistics.
IONUT of FAST FREIGHT HAS PROVED HIMSELF AN EXEMPLARY MEMBER OF THE MARCOPOLOLINE GROUP and can only hope that this is a lesson on how each of you can help one another.


Good day Thank you for your kind confirmation and for renewing our subscription for 2014. We have really enjoyed working with MarcopoloLine Network and it is amazing with associate with all the network partners during the year 2013. Thanking you for your continued support.
Kind regards
M. Antony Dason
Skysea Freight International LLC

We've created some partnership in places when we had deficiency of the attending from old partners, we are doing  an excellent job with G&B Korea and Transpole China.
The most of MPL Agents are always receptive when receive our messages, and provide an efficient and effective  treatment.
With the online network of agents we can find easily the agents and contacts when we need.

Regards / Atenciosamente                   
Wilian Sampaio
Teamwork cargo 

I would like to congratulate you and your team for putting up a very well-organized Conference. I personally commend the friendly atmosphere within the group members brought about by the fact that MPL has a smaller network compared to other organizations.
I really appreciate being part of a smaller network like MPL since it allows the members to really get to know each other and be of better partners for one another. MPL provided activities which helped build camaraderie among its members. Also, it is worth-noting that your team had done a great job in choosing the right place (Cape Town) and hotel (African Pride 15 On Orange Hotel). The place is just perfect to take the members on a trip where we can focus on building stronger business relationships, away from any distraction. Over-all, I am impressed at how you were able to carry out the entire Conference.
As they say, "there's always room for improvement." Having said that, I believe that MPL could work more on having more activities that will create a stronger bond among its members... allowing the each member to strengthen and build up one another.
Best Regards,
Managing Director & CEO 

Dear Sandy,
This meeting was very good. 
PARISI GRAND SMOOTH gained a lot from it.
Tak Chu

"SORRY, but the MPL Conferences in Vietnam and South Africa was just perfect.  Am afraid not many improvements possible. Keep Robin the MC - if possible!!

If you really want to benefit, my sincere advice is to join The MarcoPoloLine Group. It's different to all other groups. The attributes are difficult to express. You need to experience it and believe me - it's worth it.
Khalil Adam Barde
KAASK- Mubarak Saeed Trading Est./Saudi Arabia

"I would say this is one of the biggest successes in my business life by joining MPL in the last 10 years"
Ricky Shon ACA International/China

To be totally honest, before going to the meeting, I was sailing in waters of doubt about going to the Conference or not, and even if staying within the MPL group or not after a year of membership.
Now, I can say for fact, that I am convinced that I will stay and moreover, will get more involved in whatever I can do, to help develop MPL and the contacts and friendship with everyone in the team.
I felt, not only a great professionalism in all members, but also the wish to make this a dream come true, by helping each other with no hidden agenda.
Gabriel OTS Global Logistics Miami/USA

"It feels good to be a part of the MPL family, and to know that you have an agent in the most important ports in the world, on which you can rely on."
Eric, Eco Modal Transport and Shipping/Belgium 

"We highly appreciate your cooperation and are very satisfied and will rate our experience in The MarcopoloLine Group very positive."
Jadroagent Bar Doo/ Montenegro

"We have always received a prompt feedback from other members of the group."
Vladimir, NTZ Logistics/Bulgaria

"The experience has been great, I would say it is much better than expected. The group is more family than commercial. I used to work with other groups before. They do care only about shipments but not friendship. In this group, I always get support"
Puk, PJ Trans Millennium/Thailand

"We have gained a lot of support from the agent of Marco Polo line. Not only the sharp rates,expecially some rapid response."
Allen, Shanghai Jet Global Corporation/China

"Our staff are also more comfortable with working with MPL partners than other networks we are members of."
Ishwar, Triple Crown Dubai/United Arab Emirates

"MYX Internacional was really grateful to share a nice moment with MPL members at Intermodal. We want to highlight that the atmosphere was, friendly & professional; the perfect setting for sharing experiences & making business. Fortunately we had the chance to see several members & talk about our views & the need to share our biz within the network. Participation was very important as that is another sign of trust we put on the MPL Family hoping we will all grow together while seeking for our customers� excellence. Being present in Intermodal we all show how proactive we are, & how important it is to align ourselves together under the MPL banner. Thank you all for this great experience!"
The MYX Team/Argentina













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