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WLS/Triple Eagle Forwarding – Taiwan

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WLS - Worldwide Logistic Solutions
Triple Eagle Forwarding (Taiwan) Ltd.

Teamwork inside The MarcoPoloLine Group
Here is an excellent example of two long time MarcoPoloLine Members working together in harmony to the benefit of all concerned.

WLS SRL Italy and TRIPLE EAGLE Taiwan both MarcoPoloLine Members from day one, took care of a very beautiful little project from Genoa, Italy to Kaohsiung, Taiwan in June 2010.

Words are not needed to explain these pictures, but would just like to assure you, these are not nuclear missile, but in fact 3 heat transformers.

I, Robert, of WLS Italy would like to give a special thanks to YANG MING LINE for allowing me on board the vessel to assist with the loading and making sure everything went very smoothly.

Think also on behalf of Eric Hsu of Triple Eagle, we can honestly say that our client was very satisfied with the good job we did.












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