West Pack - California


Based on the last experiences we had last year regarding our new project “Exhibitions”, we have chosen the West Pack Fair because it offers many kind of goods, with big volume.
WestPack connects with over 20,000 engineers and executives, as well as hundreds of leading suppliers, across the advanced design and manufacturing spectrum who understand the value in working together on the industry's cutting edge. We will meet them for our below sponsors who have decided to increase their business with the help and collaboration of MPL.


    • Watson Global Logistics Ltd. - BELGIUM
    • Lueders & Stange KG - GERMANY
    • ACA International - HONG KONG
    • Shine Logistics Co., Ltd - REPUBLIC OF KOREA
    • United Cargo Management - USA
    • Sikka – INDIA
    • ABC Shipping Co. Sarl - LEBANON
    • Aerosea World Logistics Ltd. – KENYA / UGANDA
    • Sar Transport System – INDIA