Intermodal - Brazil

13/15 March 2018

Intermodal South America is considered by executives of the industry as a strategic platform to do business because it gathers the key players from the national and international markets over the three days of the event, encouraging new business and partnerships. Therefore, the event also works as a platform for launches, strengthening brand awareness , joint ventures, content, sales and networking.


    • Watson Global Logistics Ltd. - BELGIUM
    • Lueders & Stange KG - GERMANY
    • Aerosea World Logistics Ltd. – KENYA / UGANDA
    • Shine Logistics Co., Ltd - REPUBLIC OF KOREA
    • United Cargo Management - USA
    • Atlas Shipping Services Ltd. - INDIA
    • ABC Shipping Co. Sarl - LEBANON
    • Vision Log Consultorio Aduaneira e Logistica Ltda - Centaurea Group – BRAZIL
    • Peter Rathmann & Co. GmbH - GERMANY
    • Visa Global Logistics Spa – ITALY
    • Amarine Shipping Co. Ltd. - REPUBLIC OF KOREA
    • ACE Logistics Stamoulis C. & Co – GREECE