MPL Management

Robert P. Dreelan

MPL President & Partner

I began my career in freight forwarding in 1995, rather by chance than design. It was a logical direction to go due to fluent English and Italian and living in Genoa - a major port in Italy. My resume includes Kuehne & Nagel, TOLL, and other large and powerful global freight forwarders. In 2004, I started my own company WLS, which began with a staff of 5 and grew to 20. A significant period, that gave me the chance to go to China and learn more about the networking groups and it was there and then we planted the seed for an exclusive freight forwarding organization. This blossomed in 2006 when our ideas became reality and formed The Marcopololine Group, going from 4 members, and 6 offices in a couple of countries to 460 offices in almost 100 countries. We are proud of this unique organization, which whilst business is at the forefront, retains an atmosphere of an extended family through both loyalty and friendship. We are particularly gratified by the overwhelming support and dedication of our members - who we can rely on to ensure we continue to grow not only in size but strength and reputation.

Sophie Cappa

MPL Managing Director & Partner

From 1999 to 2011, at Weltra Spa, I began my journey with Robert, progressing from operations to sales and accounting. Transitioning to WLS Spa with him from 2011 to 2013, I embraced MPL in 2013, integrating past experiences to offer comprehensive care to our network. My aspiration to travel and connect globally found fulfillment at MPL, where I thrived as a Sales Executive, later assuming responsibilities for organizing conferences and exhibitions worldwide. With each year, I grew, culminating in the unexpected honor of becoming one of the MPL directors. I am proud to proceed with this adventure that completely satisfies my expectations of life: do what I love to do to offer our members the satisfaction they expect from us.