Code of conduct


MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT Effective 1st January 2020

  • The MPL Member agrees to abide by the MPL Code of Conduct
  • The MPL Member agrees to the Payment Protection Plan Terms and Conditions.
  • The MPL Member is bound by the MPL Anti-Corruption Policy.
  • The MPL Member agrees to observe all relevant laws of its resident country, regarding the movement of goods entrusted to it.
  • The MPL Member agrees that claims for loss or damage to freight shall be immediately filed with the Member responsible for such loss or damage. The claim shall be promptly and accurately processed by the responsible MPL Member.
  • By request, the MPL Board of Directors will act as an Arbitration Committee, in general matters, when a dispute arises between Members.
  • Bad Debts between MPL Members must be communicated to to be resolved by the Arbitration Committee.
  • The MPL Member acknowledges that whilst The MarcoPoloLine Group is not responsible for bad debts between Members, the Board of Directors retains the right to take any action it sees fit.
  • The MPL Member acknowledges that all payments to other members, must be made strictly in accordance with the terms of payment agreed in advance with each other.
  • The MPL Member agrees not to have any business dealings with expelled and/or black listed ex-MPL members, otherwise it would jeopardize its own membership.
  • The MPL Member agrees to pay their membership fees within 14 days of invoice date.
  • An MPL Member can be expelled from The MarcoPoloLine Group, for any of the following:

– Non payment of Annual Subscription Fees
– Providing false information
– Bad debt(s) incurred with other MPL member(s)
– The MPL Board of Directors have the right to terminate a membership, and is not obliged to give justification.

  • • The MPL Member further agrees that these Terms and Conditions, may be amended from time to time, but as incorporated, herein, are binding.