International Forwarding Networks

Organization of worldwide transport for over 16 years has contributed to gaining a vast experience in this matter. It also enabled us to create an internal network of partners and agents across the globe. It is worth mentioning that in the logistics industry, many trusted partners mean ample transport possibilities.

Belonging to prestigious logistics networks such as:
– JCtrans Network
– OLO(Orange Logistics Organization)
– AI Logistics Alliance
– WIFFA-World International Freight Forwarders Alliance
allowed us to expand the number of proven and trusted partners significantly and thus – increase the scope of our services.

For our Clients, the certificates of membership to the networks mentioned mean:
✔ a guarantee of the quality of services
✔ credibility
✔ financial security
✔ confirmation of the reliability of our brand
✔ the ability to carry out even the most complex transports thanks to an extensive network of partnerships

In 2008, we joined the first network – MarcoPoloLine. It is the oldest European network that initially operated on the recommendation of its members. For several years we were the only agent from Poland. Thanks to membership in MPL, we are part of the financial protection program, which secures our clients’ funds. Participation in the network allows us to carry out door-to-door transport. Among MPL agents, we mainly operate on Master BL (Bill of Lading). Sophie Cappa MarcoPoloLine Group, thank you for your support of our activities in MPL!

Afterward, in 2012 we entered JCtrans Network. It gave a huge incentive to develop our activity in the Middle Kingdom. We were the only company from Europe for a long time. Thanks to this, we could establish excellent and lasting relationships with many agents from China. JCTrans is a Chinese logistics network founded in 2003. They provide services for shippers and logistics service providers. Additionally, they constitute a clearing platform and financial protection.

Relationships with Clients and Partners are meaningful to us. We are committed to building long-term cooperation based on trust. In cargo transportation, promptness and solvency, as well as efficient communication, are very important. Thanks to our membership in global forwarding networks, we can not only guarantee our customers these features but confirm them with certificates.


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