Real Logistics develops container rental, sale, and storage services

For general usage, isothermal, dry bulk cargo, platforms, and platform-based type, tank, specialized or air—due to the purpose and application of various design solutions, there are many types of containers. According to the Office of Rail Transport’s data, the container is the most frequently used loading unit in intermodal transport.

The world’s first containers appeared in New York at the beginning of the 20th century. They were used mainly for land transport of various equipment, tools, and large-size objects. Nowadays, thanks to specially adapted handling devices (a gantry crane), they are easily portable between one and the other means of transport.

Container dimensions

The individual types of containers differ in size and capacity. In Europe, three kinds of containers are most frequently chosen for transportation: 20 ‘Standard, 40 ‘Standard, and 40’ High Cube (HC). Universal containers are used to transport all general cargo. Carriers rent or buy them to transport such goods, the heavy weight of which does not allow for transportation in significant quantities. Modifications of such containers also enable the travel of loose cargo, e.g., crumbly or liquid cargo. The tare of universal containers ranges from 2 tons to 3.5 tons, and their average load capacity is 21.8 tons. The maximum load capacity for a 40 ‘HC container is 35.5 tons. Universal containers include: open-top containers—primarily intended for the carriage of loads that exceed the height of a standard container, top-loaded (e.g., overhead crane), or that cannot be loaded into a classic container for handling reasons. It is crucial to choose the appropriate container because only a properly selected one will ensure a safe journey for the products and facilitate loading and unloading.

Sale and rental of containers

Following the market’s needs, Real Logistics expanded its portfolio of services to include rental, storage, purchase, and sale of containers in Europe and China. The company currently has over 350 units on the market. — We offer the rental of 40’HC containers to import goods to Poland (Łódź, Małaszewicze, Warsaw). At the moment, our offer mainly concerns transport from China, but we are dynamically developing it—says Kamil Kuźniar, container specialist at Real Logistics.
Rental containers are available in several cities in China: Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, and Xi’an. The company has 13 depots, 8 in Poland (Gdynia, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Warsaw, Łódź, Małaszewicze and Sławków) and 5 in Europe (Prague, Budapest, Milan, Duisburg, and Hamburg). Attractive depot locations, competitive THC, and the possibility of long-term storage, inspections, and repairs of damaged containers make Real Logistics a solid and proven brand. — At Real Logistics, we understand our clients’ needs, and we try to be flexible and find solutions in unusual situations. We are a reliable, punctual, and trustworthy business partner – says Kamil Kuźniar.

Container in the original color

To meet the customers’ expectations, Real Logistics started the production of its own containers in China. In original anthracite color. — Many of our customers pay attention to the color of the containers. Often because they are intended for a specific project. The most popular are blue and brown. We have introduced anthracite containers into circulation, and I can confidently say that demand is high. They are pearls among containers, practically disappearing right away – emphasizes Real Logistics’s container specialist.

Rental and purchase prices for containers vary. They depend, among others, on their quality (whether the container is new or used), market situation, and freight prices.


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