Baltic Hub Gdansk as an efficient transshipment point: Real Logistics warehouse space, efficient handling, and professional dist

Goods Transshipment in Europe — advantages of Poland’s location on the transport map of the world
Efficient transshipment is crucial in terms of goods delivery time. A warehousing facility established near the port of Gdansk is becoming an international center for transshipment operations. When importing goods to Europe, an important planning element is the transshipment location. Poland, situated in a central location on the world map, is the best choice. Why? Direct services from China reach Gdansk. It is essential in terms of transit time, and at the same time, the cost of warehouse operations in Poland is much lower than, for example, in Hamburg.

Baltic Hub Gdansk
Baltic Hub Gdansk is a seaport that is an important place for European container transport – by sea, rail, and road. The port of Gdansk has also been a trading and transshipment point for years, from which shipments reach many countries in our region of Europe. It is worth emphasizing that road transport from Gdansk to the destination in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia takes 24 to 48 hours.

Warehouse in Gdansk — 3500 m2 storage space and efficient distribution
The Real Logistics warehouse in Gdansk is located right next to the Baltic Hub terminal and is equipped with a modern WMS system, CCTV monitoring, 3400 pallet spaces, 1000 m2 of space for non-standard cargo, and four loading docks. What’s more, we also have warehouses in Malaszewicze, Lodz, and Warsaw, and we cooperate daily with Partners who have warehouse space in other parts of the world: China, Germany and Hungary. All our storage areas are bonded warehouses and temporary storage warehouses with the possibility of storing for up to 90 days.

Storage possibilities — Gdansk
Our qualified staff of the branch in Gdynia, with the warehouse department in Gdansk, manage cargo transported by sea and expeditions. Each order is treated individually here. We have extensive experience in goods transshipment from containers to cars and vice versa, efficient unloading from containers, and distribution of goods following the customer’s wishes. We are setting new standards in logistics — our warehousing capabilities distinguish flexibility. The Real Logistics warehouses offer long- and short-term storage of goods.

Transport and storage of photovoltaic panels
In this strategically located place in Gdansk, we store and distribute various goods, from photovoltaic panels requiring special conditions through electronics to chemicals. An example of our capabilities is cooperation with many manufacturers of photovoltaic panels. Goods of this type are usually transported by sea, then unloaded and distributed throughout Europe according to the customer’s guidelines and requirements. Storing photovoltaic panels requires special attention and caution, so experience plays an important role here.

Transporting goods from Ukraine
Our transport capabilities significantly exceed national borders – we also specialize in rail and road transport, e.g., to/from Ukraine. Every day, we import goods from various parts of the world. Cargoes transported by sea are reloaded onto cars and delivered to Ukraine. For exporting Ukrainian grain, we invested in 90 20’HC BU containers with special loading hatches. We have a broad knowledge of transportation bulk goods, sand, and peat, but we are also not afraid of dangerous goods. ADR cargo, such as toxic, flammable, or corrosive substances, require special treatment during transport and documentation.

Contribution to the development of the Ukrainian economy
Ukraine has been struggling with serious problems related to the conflict on its territory for several years. Our group joined the initiative to support Ukraine. The warehouse in Gdansk receives rail and road transport from Ukraine every day. Most often, these are reloading from cars to containers or vice versa. Popular imports include tires, steel merchandise, pallets, and plant protection products. Due to its location, the Port of Gdansk, in the current situation, plays a significant role in trade with Ukraine.

Comprehensive transport services – the scope of Real Logistics services
Real Logistics Group began its operations in 2006. The company quickly became synonymous with reliability and professionalism. Currently, our crew consists of over 70 people. The headquarters is located in Wroclaw, but our presence extends to many other cities: Gdynia, Warsaw, Malaszewicze, Boleslawiec, Nysa, and Chengdu in China. Our greatest asset is comprehensive service. That’s why. In addition to sea, rail, air, and road transport, our company’s service catalog also includes customs clearance services. Moreover, we have also been involved in container trading for years.

Real Logistcis containers – sale, storage, rental
We have an impressive fleet of containers – over 540 pieces, ready for sale or rent for any cargo type. Our permanent offer includes 20′,40’HC, 20′,40’GP and 20’HC BU. We can also offer 40’FR, 20’OT 40’OT, and 40’RF containers at the customer’s request. We are not just a logistics service provider – we are players in the container market. We enable container transportation, storage, and distribution for various business purposes.

Efficient customs clearance
Complementing our services is our network of customs agencies. We have agencies in many places in Poland: Gdynia, Boleslawiec, Malaszewicze, and Nysa. AEO permit, obtained by us, is a credibility guarantee and provides our customs declarations with priority status. The AEO authorization and broad knowledge of all customs procedures, including fiscal and T1, shorten the formalities time to a minimum.

It’s worth using refined solutions! Check our whole offer or contact a specialist.


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