FEAG International Freight Forwarders Ltd.

FEAG is a Swiss freight forwarding and logistics company, founded in 1958 under the name of Fritz Eichmann AG, at that time providing their services mainly to the textile industry. In 1990, the company’s name changed into FEAG International Freight Forwarders Ltd.

Today, FEAG offers comprehensive transportation and logistics services to the major economic centres around the world – with a performance portfolio that is continually being expanded and adapted to ever-changing needs. Our transport solutions are customised to your individual wishes and demands.

FIATA International Association of Freight Forwarders Associations – SPEDLOGSWISS Association of Swiss Freight Forwarding and Logistics companies – IATA The International Air Transport Association – MPL Marco Polo Line

FEAG has been certified with excellent results according to ISO Standard 9001:2008 since 2009. Professional know-how and standardized procedures are a guarantee for the very highest quality on all levels. This and other distinctions are your assurance that you have chosen the right partner for your transport and logistics needs.

With selected basic training in the fields of security and safety (freight security as per FOCA guidelines, hazardous materials transportation, combating terrorism, securing loads, etc.) our employees are well trained and regularly refreshed. We do everything for the safety of your goods.

Eco-friendly transportation and storage has always been a real concern for FEAG. Accordingly, our freight forwarding professionals make every effort to process each and every transport as environmentally-friendly as possible. These measures include the highest possible exploitation of means of transport, the avoidance of empty runs and the optimisation of transport routes through to the segregated disposal of packaging materials.

We utilise, whenever possible, ecological means of transport such as combined transport (rail/road), Rhine barges and resource-friendly paper-free solutions (e-freight and customs clearance).

In this way our thought-through planning and friction-free execution of your assignment pay off in the long term for everyone. We will stay on the ball and act sustainably.



Our Optimist project for sustainable logistics

A few weeks ago CARE MPL launched an insurance package for all companies actively promoting sustainable logistics, for example by using intermodal transport or river transport instead of road. The package also includes pollution insurance and is targeted to freight forwarders, with bespoke conditions to encourage a positive change and “green” logistics. Do you engage in such virtuous practices? Let us know! We’ll see how to make sure that marine insurance is a lever to promote a better future.
More details here: http://www.brokercare.com/en/cares-new-insurance-project-for-sustainable-logistics/



EID Mubarak

On account of Eid Al Adha our office will remain closed on the following days
31st July to 3rd of August 2020
Shall resume work Tuesday 4th of August



CARE, MarcoPoloLine’s official insurance broker

We are CARE, MarcoPoloLine’s official insurance broker. We specialise in marine insurance and in covers for international freight forwarders. Based in Italy, we can cover you worldwide thanks to our network of correspondents. Many MPL members are already happily insured with us!



31th Anniversary Base International

Base International is 31 years on transportation field since 19/07/1989…Happy Birthday to us!!!
We are proud to celebtrate our 31th anniversary of road transports all over Europe.
A special thanks to Base International Team for the results achieved throught the years.
We really hope to reach same target in sea and air freight, also thanks to MPL and all friendly members 🙂



Sophie’s visit at our offices in Milano

Last Thursday we had the pleasure to meet Sophie in our offices.
It was a very nice meeting, we spoke about the problems of this Covid 19 – we discuss about the network and we had a very
relaxing lunch together.
It is always nice to meet MPL people, above all this year that we have no possibility to see most of you at the annual convention:)



Smart working – Focus on cyber risks

In these days of emergency linked to the spread of the new coronavirus, many companies worldwide have adopted the smart working solution. The risk related to corporate data security is underestimated for those companies that have allowed their employees to work in “smart-working” fashion. It is indeed true that this method brings numerous advantages, but we would like to raise the attention of firms also to its threats, something we already did during a recent MPL webinar.
And indeed: what degree of security can corporate computers – and private ones, because not everyone has them – have, when it comes to a home WiFi network, through which employees access their work documents? How improvised is the solution and how truly reliable and safe? If the employer, on the one hand, can see the advantages from an economic point of view (i.e. continuity of service), on the other hand he/she must be very careful to avoid that a solution that is in principle advantageous, brings far more substantial financial and reputational damages.
Unfortunately, we live in a worse world than we think and these days there are countless fake Covid-19 themed e-mail alerts that actually hide cyber security threats and major network violations. A shameful form of “digital looting”, with the intention of bringing other types of “infections” online, while taking advantage of the one spread in the real world.
In addition to verifying – as also in the ordinary workplace – that the employee uses company devices for the sole purpose of work, it is necessary to set up user accounts with limited access, encrypt data and establish connections to company data via VPN, with minimum security protocol like the OpenVPN type. It would also be advisable to encrypt the data present on external devices and to set up DLP – “Data Loss Prevention” procedures. Company IT consultants will be able to provide detailed guidelines.
Once minimum safety standards are guaranteed and procedures are followed (companies – regardless of size – should provide their employees with detailed guides), firms should think about protecting themselves from an insurance point of view, with cyber risk policies, whose offer on the insurance market is constantly evolving.
CARE MPL has been a pioneer in cyber insurance consultancy activity aimed at Italian and foreign companies. Cyber risk is now known above all for coverage against hacker attacks, but actually offers a whole series of protections, against business interruption for example, or with reimbursement of costs for the recovery of data and systems, plus in some cases also reputational damage.
Cybernetes, CARE’s cyberconsulting program on the market since January 2018, wants to put customers back in a secure position of trust and control over their virtual assets, following in-depth assessments regarding actual risks and compliance with GDPR legislation (EU companies).
Subject to local compliance, we’d be happy to review your requirements, so do contact us!