eManifest – New Regulations for shipments to Canada (effective January 4th, 2021)

With significant changes implemented by Canadian Customs authorities, shipments destined to Canada (by any mode) will require further diligence and information sharing prior to loading at origin Port/ Airport.
The information relating to parties on the HBL/HAWB and certain other data would be requested by Cole International as per Customs specified time frames.
This will be necessary to avoid delays / fines by authorities upon arrival at a Canadian Port / Airport.

Cole International is here to assist our MarcoPoloLine Partners become familiar with this regulation and understand the impact of these changes.

Here are some answers to some very general questions our MPL partners might have that will assist in understanding this new regulation:

What is eManifest?
eManifest is a term used to describe the advanced electronic conveyance of freight information to customs officials prior to the shipment arriving at Canada’s border.
Canadian Customs officials use eManifest data to determine admissibility and to assess the level of risk associated with the movement of goods.
In Canada, carriers are required to submit advanced electronic cargo and conveyance information (eManifest data) to customs officials as part of the import/export process.

What is eHBL & who files eHBL?
eHBL and eManifest terms may be used interchangeably in Canada, but more specifically eHBL is part of the overall eManifest program and eHBL refers to data normally found on the freight forwarder/Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) house bill. This data must be transmitted within specified timelines to Canadian Customs authorities known as CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency).
Freight forwarders, such as Cole International, who are registered with Canada Customs authorized Freight Forwarder Code are able to file data eHBL data to Canada Customs.
Your local Cole International representative will be able to assist and guide you with the data set required for submission along with the time frames required for such information.

We have been filing Canadian ACI to Carriers for our shipments to Canada for many years. How is eManifest / eHBL different?
• eManifest is the advanced version of ACI data filing and the key difference is – the submission of eManifest data (in most instances) rests with the Canadian Forwarder listed on the MAWB/MBL. This is a significant shift from ACI filing which (in most cases) were done by the primary carrier on behalf of the forwarder tendering the goods.
• eManifest requires additional information that must be provided to Canada’s Customs authorities prior to departure / loading of cargo at origin .
• eManifest is aimed at making the Canadian Customs clearance process seamless and allows Customs to not only review risks for imported goods but also integrates the clearance process of these goods upon arrival. It is more efficient and will expedite the clearance once the goods physically arrive in Canada.
• With the shift in transmission of this data from the Carrier to the Canadian forwarder, it will be necessary to discuss your shipment movement with your Cole representative before proceeding.

When should I provide the eManifest / eHBL data to Cole International representative?
In order to meet the Customs submission requirements for eHBL, we request that the HBL/HAWB information be sent to Cole International 72 hours prior to loading for Marine transport and 48 hours prior to departure for Air.
To facilitate the easy transmission, in the coming weeks, Cole International will be sharing with our MPL partners a list of required data elements /easy to fill form that captures everything required for Cole International to comply with eHBL filing.

When does eHBL / eManifest come into force?
• 1st Nov 2020 : Testing phase. Cole International is already participating by submitting the eHBL data upon receipt of the booking details.
• Jan 4th, 2021: Jun 4th, 2021 Any non-compliant shipments will be reported, but Cole International will receive $0.00 penalties.
• Jul 4th, 2021: Monetary penalties will be issued to Forwarders for late, missing or incorrect filing of eHBL data.

To support our MPL Partners become compliant with this Canadian Customs requirement and to fully understand the impact on the movement of your shipments destined to Canada, please contact Cole International’s Global Network Manager – atul.roy@coleintl.com




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