Non-application of the jurisdiction clause

Recently, the Danish High Court decided in a despute as to whether legal proceedings against a Danish shipping company, which had contracted to carry containers from China to Copenhagen, could proceed in Denmark irrespective of the fact that the claimant and the shipping company had agreed that the dispute should be heard exclusively by the UK High Court. The Danish High Court decided that the case could nevertheless be heard in the substance by the Danish courts.



Italy – Current travel restrictions due to Covid-19

On September 7, 2020, the Italian Government has approved a new decree according to which the travel restrictions set due to the Covid-19 pandemic have been updated.
A new exception for travelers from non-EU countries has been added: not only people who have “work, urgent, health or study reasons or wanting to join a family member” will be allowed entry but also people “joining the person with whom they have a stable and proven affective relationship, even if they do not usually cohabitate”. The only restriction is a self-isolation period of 14 days.



Business travel insurance in covid19 times

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