February Newsletter

Our February went good 🙂

Two reasons:
1. Successful Shipment From Mundra Port Till Its Door
2. Hala Feb

Read our newsletter to know the details on both.

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Custom Clearance

Got your freight on the port yet not in your warehouse? Then we guess you need Clearance partner.

Over the years of experience and having great contacts, Our team has mastered the service of providing custom clearance to our clients. With our custom-clearance service, you get your freight hassle-free on time to get it out to your customers and make your business flourish.

So what are your takes? Would you like to keep your freight on the port until you figure it out your way or get in touch with us?




Real Logistics has prepared a useful calendar for March 2021. With holidays in China and Poland as well as with the departure time of their rail LCL China-Europe and Europe-China.


Freight Insurance

Our freight services are covered with insurance to bring you what your business requirements on time. We provide you with complete tracking and monitoring from the port of loading to the final destination.



After Brexit, experience matters

In times of chaos and difficulties caused by the withdrawal of United Kingdom from the European Union, the interest in the offer of experienced logistics companies is growing. Real Logistics Poland, which offers both road transport and customs clearance for import and export from UK, is the best example of this. During this difficult time the number of our customers increased by 15%! This is the result of our extensive experience in transport and of the full service in customs clearance, including the T1 Guarantee.
There have even been such unusual situations that our company gets orders directly from British entities that have trouble in finding appropriate partners for cooperation on their market. transport@real-logistics.pl