Demurrage & Detention Charges 2020 by xChange

We’ve spent months collecting 20,000+ data points on demurrage & detention from the biggest shipping lines across the 20 biggest ports.
Get access to the data and download our research report to gain transparency on:
Exact demurrage & detention charges across ports
The impact of free-days
Detailed comparisons of specific close by ports



Covid Pandemic – Sanitary assistance from UCM in USA

We would like to congratulate our partner UCM from USA and Gia Linh Logistics from Vietnam for their assistance and professionalism. They are ready to help the world by shipping (airfreight/sea freight) Nitrile gloves and masks to any destinations! Contact Tres directly if you are interested into this project! CARLTON W. BLAIR III
Well done from MPL!! Wonderful job!




Did ou know that ALLTRANSCARGO CORP have inmediate answer for alla your inquiries. Doesn´t matter if it´s hollydays, or weekends… our team works 24/7 hours to give you all the support that your agency needs.

Contact Us! amgonzalez@alltranscargomiami.com


Swift Logistic Solutions

Our head office is placed in a very strategic location in Cairo – Heliopolis, five minutes drive from Cairo Airport. We have branches in Main Ports to facilitate the requirements of our customers.

The motivation of our staff members, together with our clients, keep us one step ahead in the market. We are able to handle all kinds of commodities such as, ready-made garments, electronics, projects, spare parts, exhibition moves and specialist sensitive cargo etc.

We were also successfully acquired the official license of customs clearance from Egyptian customs. As a result, we have made every effort to provide better service that meets the needs of diverse customers both domestic and overseas.

At World Shipping Corp, our philosophy is simply to provide traders throughout the world with shipping service and customs clearance that fulfill the individual requirements of each company that we represent.

SLS is looking for new opportunity with new members to cooperate each other .

For any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me :
Email: shaimaa.said@sls.com.eg
Cell Phone & What’s Number : +20 01011459676



35 years Alfons Freriks Rotterdam

We are proud to announce that our office in Rotterdam has been around for 35 years!

Alfons Freriks Logistics B.V. came, saw and became a world player. First the realization of the Feanwâlden office (since 1978), concentrating on road-, water- and rail-transport. Based on the ingredients entrepreneurship, loyalty, business knowledge and willpower, something beautiful has grown in Feanwâlden.

In 1985 the Rotterdam office was founded, a small player in, at that moment, the world’s busiest port, later overtaken first by Singapore and then Shanghai. In 2018 Rotterdam was the eleventh-largest container port in terms of handled TEU. The Rotterdam office started with 3 people and had a slow start, that all changed when in December 1997 Maurice Reijntjes came and gave his heart and soul to the Company. In this day and age it is quite an accomplishment for a company to remain innovative and to bind employees. Maurice has been assisted in recent years by a wide variety of people with different talents, skills and experience.

Thank you for all your support!



OTO Meetings – September 2020 | Greetings from Panama.

Hello MPL friends,

As you already know, most of us had the opportunity a few days ago to see each other, share ideas and update the situation about our countries around the globe.

I just wanted to take this special opportunity to thank the MPL crew, organizers and all who put their effort and good vibes on this great activity.

We all know it was not easy and it was actually hard to be so ‘virtual’ at least for the ‘old school’ young guys like me (just joking) but anyway I just wanted to express my gratitude and send you all our best wishes and let you know that in Panama you can count on us for anything you need. Our company is your company and we are sure we can cooperate with any inquiry as difficult as it may look we will put our best to solve and exceed your needs.

Be safe and be healthy. Godspeed.

For logistic solutions and news about Panama, visit us at: www.fpicargo.com

FPI Cargo (Freightnet Panama Inc.) your MPL Partner in Panama

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