35 years Alfons Freriks Rotterdam

We are proud to announce that our office in Rotterdam has been around for 35 years!

Alfons Freriks Logistics B.V. came, saw and became a world player. First the realization of the Feanwâlden office (since 1978), concentrating on road-, water- and rail-transport. Based on the ingredients entrepreneurship, loyalty, business knowledge and willpower, something beautiful has grown in Feanwâlden.

In 1985 the Rotterdam office was founded, a small player in, at that moment, the world’s busiest port, later overtaken first by Singapore and then Shanghai. In 2018 Rotterdam was the eleventh-largest container port in terms of handled TEU. The Rotterdam office started with 3 people and had a slow start, that all changed when in December 1997 Maurice Reijntjes came and gave his heart and soul to the Company. In this day and age it is quite an accomplishment for a company to remain innovative and to bind employees. Maurice has been assisted in recent years by a wide variety of people with different talents, skills and experience.

Thank you for all your support!